About US

Sankalpa Soft Pvt.Ltd is a leading software consulting and web designing and Development company that offers creative and affordable solution for medium to large business concerns. Our vision is to be recognized as one of the most effective IT solution provider with a Mission to deliver quality products and services at affordable prices. Our solutions have helped hundreds of organizations derive value from their technology investment and enhance competitiveness.

Sankalpa Soft Pvt.Ltd is primarily a team of people who believe in a common goal, to build tools and solutions that solve the needs of businesses. We believe in developing know-how and creativity by aggregating web designers, programmers and content experts around a project. We pursue the goal to manage and monitor the creative process and production, but above all we believe that personal relationships, individual capabilities and enthusiasm are key ingredients to address a market which rules.

Management Team Sankalpa Soft Pvt.Ltd has a core management team of seasoned professionals with an excellent approach towards customer relationship, delivery model, project management and customer engagement. Techinical Team Sankalpa Soft Pvt.Ltd has a team of dedicated technical Professionals having strong Knowledge on various Technologies.